Ex-Polymer Pencil Leads

Pencil Leads 0.9mmHB

Product NO



D 0.9xL 60mm, 12pcs/tube


144tubes/gross box,40 gross/ctn

Measurement/Gross Weight

1.86'/ 28 kgs

In 1979. we developed the first Ex-Polymer mechanical pencil leads in Taiwan. Marketing under the brand" SHINE". Until the present the one and only Ex- Polymer mechanical pencil refill maker in Taiwan.
Our Ex- Polymer refill leads provide smooth writing quality, as well as great strength. Our refill leads are widely accepted by leading stationery companies and end users around the world.

Available Grade

Length: 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm

濃度 2H H F HB B 2B 3B 4B






Quality Standard


Quality Certification

We have the complete measuring instruments and well- trained personnel to carry out routine test works in the laboratory.

Our products conform to both US ASTM safety standard and EU EN71 safety standard. 

Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award by Tainan City Mayor William Lai.

Company Performance

We offers a full line of stationery products including Polymer mechanical pencil leads, erasers, mechanical pencils, Ex-Power paper clipper( clip dispenser and clips), liquid glues, color plastic crayons and stationery sets for school, office and professional uses.

We participating in major stationery exhibition worldwide.